Onno Petersen cinematography and postproduction

8 & 16mm camera workshop/masterclass.


On a regular basis I organise 8 and 16mm Film-Making Masterclasses.
The masterclasses take place from 10am-4pm. You will learn some useful theory and gain a lot of essential practical knowledge on analog film-making, regarding available film types, cameras, projecting and/or digitizing, common mistakes, etc.
During the day we will expose one 8 or 16mm film together, with some shots that cause common difficulties and mistakes. Critical focussing, panning, backlight and other shots that you may find hard to get right. Immediately after that, we will develop the film by hand and one hour after shooting we can project the film!
At the end of the day you are going to go out in the world with your* camera and shoot your own 8 or 16mm film. All films will be handed in by an agreed deadline, after which I will develop and scan them.
Of course there will be lot's of questions and time for discussion.

The dates will be agreed upon with the group.

The cost will be €250 ex VAT, including a super-8 or 16mm film of your choosing (black & white, color reversal, negative), plus the film and development of the film we will shoot together. Your film will be developed free of charge and scanned to harddisk by me.

Have any questions and/or want to enroll? Please send me a message!

* You may bring your own camera, or you can use one of mine for the duration of the workshop (subject to availabilty). If possible I always recommend to use and get to know your own.