Onno Petersen cinematography and postproduction

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My whole life has revolved around photography. I used to join my father in the darkroom when I was still in primary school, and after I was given my very own Pentax Spotmatic around the age of twelve I started developing and printing by myself.
After leaving home I studied History of Art for a couple of years, then Spanish and at one point I had almost become a dentist.
I started to miss the creativity, and always being drawn back to pictures I stopped studying and started working for a post production facility. For eight years I scanned 8mm and 16mm films for broadcasters, international archives and filmmakers. Scanning, editing, colour grading, making transmission master tapes and everything else that came with it. It turned out that I was the most technical man in the company, so my main task might well be described as ‘problem solving’, and basically being the technical helpdesk for colleagues and customers alike. This also meant that I learned an awful lot, and even more so when I started taking courses and doing workshops in Final Cut Pro and colour grading. In the mean time I had started filming on the side, especially for artists. My long years of experience as a still photographer turned out to apply quite smoothly to motion pictures. From there on I began editing my own work, and the rest of the post production process automatically followed.
Things went well, things went really well, and then I realised that this is the best possible job I can imagine myself doing. So in 2015 I quit my permanent position, and I have been working full time as an independent film professional ever since.

It is the best decision I ever took.